eat a cupcake


top <splendid>, denim <adriano goldschmied>, shoes <80%20>, bag <hype>, necklace <j.crew>, sunnies <gcbgeneration>, bracelets <see this post>

there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday than with a nice lunch out {with a glass of bubbly} followed by cake {better yet, a cupcake}. this past weekend i celebrated my 27th birthday with family in omaha, ne.  i think i will always be 25 at heart {at least that’s what i always mistakenly enter on the elliptical at the gym}.  anyways, here’s to another year of fashion, travel, dining, and cupcakes!

friends {and bracelets} forever


top bracelets <left to right>: made by nephew, target, blue seven, anthropologie, blue seven, anthropologie

bottom bracelets <left to right>: retropolitan, chilean gift, blue seven, blue seven, retropolitan, gifted

i love the new trend of stacking friendship bracelets.  wearing multiple bracelets is a great conversation starter; each bracelet oftentimes tells a story greater than what meets the eye.  one bracelet can signify a time, a reason and a place of where it was received.  i remember being a little girl and finding a bracelet under the christmas tree.  with the name “barbara” on it, i knew i could never part with this bracelet, though there were few times i felt I had grown out of it for a fleeting moment.  as a gift from my parents (my sister received a matching one with her name), it was too meaningful to me. recently, my 5 year old nephew made me a friendship bracelet (made of green yarn above).  i think of him every time i wear it.  of course, i’ve added new bracelets and if you’re in the market to expand your collection, here are a few suggestions:

1. target <$5+> more options in-store than online
2. athropologie <$15+>
3. jcrew <$18+> more options in-store than online
4. gorjana <$35+>
5. frieda and nellie <$130+>

next time you “stack” a bracelet, think about the time and place in which you received it.  it’s sure to bring back fond memories!

outfit post to come soon!

the past and present

top <bcbg>, skirt <lauren moffat>, shoes <miu miu>, jewelry <vintage, the limited & cost plus world market>, clutch <target>

this look reminds me of both the past and the present.  the ivory lace skirt and silky, vintage print top seem to speak of past events reminding me of my mother’s wedding dress and some of her own personal items, while the sparkly shoes and modern clutch exude newness and innovation. it seems as though some of these items should have been inherited, although they were more recently purchased.  these slingback pumps are particularly special to me.  being sort of an “investment” piece, i look forward to passing these on to future generations (if i can give them up;)! i love mixing seemingly old and new pieces.