his and hers

his wishlist title copy.001His Wishlist.001

1. terre d’hermes perfume spray 2. libratone speaker 3. luminex watch 4. grove bamboo ipad case 5. paul smith socks 6. topshop slim belt 7. prada sunglasses 8. patagonia jacket 9. scotch stoneswishlist title.001Her Wishlist.001

1. topshop heart cutout leather Gloves  2. pj salvage print flannel pajamas  3.  essie armed and ready 4. everjade necklace 5. j.crew factory printed shift dress 6. valentino rockstud patent leather pumps 7. guilty by gucci 8. prada sunglasses 9. kate spade clutch 10. bling bling hello iphone case

what’s easier than shopping for yourself? i’ve learned, not much.  while my goal is to shop only for others this holiday season, i can’t help but find things i like along the way.  throughout the year, i tend to keep a running wish list so i can best plan and budget for items on my wish list or be inspired to find similar items are are more affordable.  it also prevents frivolous purchases of just so-so items that won’t stay in my closet very long because of quality and style. here’s my current wish list. i also have put together a list of gifts sure to please him. happy shopping!

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