mod mosaics


tank <ann taylor loft>, blouse <fei>, shorts <adriano goldschmied>, shoes <antik batik>, wristlet clutch <ann taylor>, bracelets <variety, click here for details>

these are absolutely my favorite pair of sandals.  they are worn best with deconstructed jean shorts.  composed of flashy mosaic mirrors, the sandals complement the super casual shorts.  here, i love how my sandals mirror the colorful and artistic surroundings.  sometimes just wearing a sleeveless top feels a little too “undone.”  i prefer to dress-up the look with a floral, silk button up, tied at the waist.  to make it ultimately casual, i stacked all my favorite “friendship” bracelets.  they add color, quirk and a little extra depth to my park perfect look!

friends {and bracelets} forever


top bracelets <left to right>: made by nephew, target, blue seven, anthropologie, blue seven, anthropologie

bottom bracelets <left to right>: retropolitan, chilean gift, blue seven, blue seven, retropolitan, gifted

i love the new trend of stacking friendship bracelets.  wearing multiple bracelets is a great conversation starter; each bracelet oftentimes tells a story greater than what meets the eye.  one bracelet can signify a time, a reason and a place of where it was received.  i remember being a little girl and finding a bracelet under the christmas tree.  with the name “barbara” on it, i knew i could never part with this bracelet, though there were few times i felt I had grown out of it for a fleeting moment.  as a gift from my parents (my sister received a matching one with her name), it was too meaningful to me. recently, my 5 year old nephew made me a friendship bracelet (made of green yarn above).  i think of him every time i wear it.  of course, i’ve added new bracelets and if you’re in the market to expand your collection, here are a few suggestions:

1. target <$5+> more options in-store than online
2. athropologie <$15+>
3. jcrew <$18+> more options in-store than online
4. gorjana <$35+>
5. frieda and nellie <$130+>

next time you “stack” a bracelet, think about the time and place in which you received it.  it’s sure to bring back fond memories!

outfit post to come soon!

nautical escape

top <maeve>, trousers <level 99>, wedges <l.a.m.b.>, bag <diane von furstenberg>, hat <purchase in mexico>, necklace <anthropologie>, bracelets <anthropologie and gifted>

wearing this look i’d like to find myself at a beautiful resort in the hamptons or palm beach.  this look is lightweight, surprisingly comfortable and perfectly nautical for a seaside venture.  it also creates the perfect silhouette.  peplum tops are the ultimate waist defining top.  i love its simplicity. with its barely-there abstract floral design, it contrasts these leg lengthening, bright pants nicely.  with a wide brimmed hat, having a similar nautical feel, a cocktail by the sea would be quite fitting!