american girl

top <american apparel and h&m>, shorts <vintage levi strauss>, shoes <old navy>, sunglasses <ray-ban>, necklaces <vintage>

happy fourth!  i really wanted to find all-american made clothing, but i ran into trouble finding shoes made in the usa.  i looked at keds and toms, only to find out they are imports.  so i gave up on that idea.  i found vintage levi strauss jeans at a consignment store only to cut and distress  them.  i really adore the 4 button fly and high waisted look giving them that nice vintage feel.  you can buy similar shorts here, or make your own distressed shorts for about $10.  here, the layered vintage necklaces juxtaposes the distressed denim.  on top, i layered an alternative apparel crop top over an h&m top.  with ray-bans on hand, i feel like an american girl! have a happy fourth of july!!