top <old navy>, skirt <asos>, jacket <collection eighteen>, bag <antik batik>, booties <dolce vita>, necklace and bracelets <anthropolgie and vintage>

there’s nothing like cooler weather after a very hot summer. it’s exciting to access another season of clothes in your wardrobe. you feel fresh and new! as with any wardrobe, it’s best to be able to mix new and old pieces.  this tank is ancient. it’s probably 5 years old.  i’ve held onto it for years simply because i liked the geometric print and it’s easy to wash (i’m not worried about ruining this piece).  paired with a new necklace and new asos pencil skirt (both with interesting geometric prints), the tank now has a new life!  add booties and a little bit of fur, and you’ve got a great look for cooler weather.

14 thoughts on “geometrics

  1. I agree. I still keep my summer pieces out because I know they can be layered. That necklace and booties are awesome. Such pretty colors matching very well together. Neon green and brown. YES!

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