coffee talk

sweater <willow and clay>, tank <salemio>, pants <hudson>, sandals <matiko>, bag <marc by marc jacobs>, sunglasses <ray ban>, necklace from blue seven, watch <michael kors>, espresso cup gifted <ikea>

what’s better than a weekend morning with nothing to ponder but a cup of coffee and the scenery around?  with current trends, you can do just that while looking spunky and spirited.  with a plethora of colored and patterned jeans in stores and online, it’s an easy look to acquire.  these hudson jeans are one of my favorite pairs.  with its nebular design, they are interesting and quirky and casual enough for a cup of coffee.  Add a statement necklace, a cozy sweater and some sunnies and let’s have a cup of coffee!  in these jeans, your cup of coffee is sure to be out of this world!

2 thoughts on “coffee talk

  1. I love everything about this look, from the bright colors, patterned jeans, and leopard bag! It goes so well together though in theory you wouldn’t think it would.

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