a special day

tank <vs sport>, chambray <banana republic>, shorts <ann taylor loft>, sandals <sam edelman>, bag <kate spade>, sunnies <bcbgeneration>

most recently i took a trip to philadelphia to visit my family.  my luggage was lost for 2 days. this was the first day i had “clean” clothes!  but, that isn’t the worst thing that’s happened this year.  in philadelphia, my 2 year old darling nephew was amidst proton therapy treatments for brain cancer. i went to help with appointments while his mother (my sister)  had yet another precious baby boy.  while i don’t typically write about personal matters, this turn of events have changed my life and was year-long emotional battle for my family.  while i was in philadelphia, my family and i went to lunch at the white dog cafe.  we enjoyed mushroom sliders and iced tea: something we’ve been unable to do as a family for months!   i am so proud of my sister and her family for having the strength to get through this tumultuous year.  i am happy to say that today marks a special day for my nephew.  he will ring a bell indicating his last proton therapy treatment. wish i were there!

2 thoughts on “a special day

  1. I hope the strength holds within your family…:) Its the personal things that reflect our attire, affect our moods or depict our feelings…. which all come across in our blog! You truly needed some R&R and you look relaxed, gorgeous as ever while surrounded by this amazing outdoor eatery chowing down on artisan looking sliders!

    • thank you! it has been a humanizing experience. hopefully life will continue to recover, especially for my sister and her family. i appreciate your encouraging thoughts!!

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