the power of orange and blue

top <fei>, skirt <yoana baraschi>, clutch <banana republic>, shoes <bcbg>, necklaces and ring <vintage and ann taylor>

major 2012 summer trends include bright neon colors and lace proving this is the perfect summer skirt.  this lace skirt, is absolutely lovely, fits perfectly and adds that extra “wow” factor. when “lace” is mentioned, we often envision white, ivory or black lace.  the unexpected neon orange is a pleasant, unexpected surprise.  yoana baraschi has also created a party dress with this material.  it’s a hard-to-find piece as it’s been a popular buy, but you can still find it here.  places to wear this skirt include summer weddings, and, if you find yourself in Oklahoma City, why not a Thunder game?!  with the Thunder bound and determined to win a championship, this look wouldn’t be questioned! this certainly proves the power of the orange and the blue!

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