hello!  first, a little bit about me…

having moved around the country several times, i’ve have seen all sorts of “styles.”  each person has their own way of style, whether simple or elaborate, developed over time, through experiences.  my style has, too, evolved over the years.  it began with a grade school uniform living in California.  i feverishly tried to make it my own by popping the collar, half tucking in the shirt, and wearing the coolest tennis shoes i could find.  on weekends, i’d play dress-up in my mother’s closet.  i loved experimenting different combinations…70s maxi dresses with clog mules and elegantly sequined dresses with ankle booties.

fast forward to present day.  now, i find myself constantly browsing the latest trends looking for seasonal staples.  i can hardly contain myself when i “fall in love” with a new pair of Chloe boots or Mulberry bag.  my heart pounds…thinking “if only i owned this one piece.”  i find myself constantly making a new wish list!!!  yes, it would be wonderful to own every pricey piece my heart came across, but in reality it’s never just that one heart-throb designer bag that eternally defines my style.  the collective look of several pieces: past and present treasures, expensive and inexpensive items creates personal style.

rather than continuing to circle items in magazines, and save tags from my favorite pieces of clothing, i’ve decided to place all my ideas in one mobile, e-file…my blog!! this blog is meant to share current fashion trends, collaborations, good finds and have-to-have splurges.  it will also capture my ventures with fashion styling.

beyond being a fashion geek, i am a food lover, travel goer and a charitable giver.  with a love for articulately prepared food and a passion for supporting local businesses and charities, you’ll surely read about the places i will go (dressed for the occasion of course).  a recent transplant in the Oklahoma City area, i have decided to experience the best of where i live through local culture, food, art, shops and charity events.  here you will find much about my life style.  hopefully it will inspire!

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